Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hi Y'all.....

{showing off my new Lululemon pants}
Happy Sunday folks! 
I came down with the stomach flu y'all.  I am so upset because I was supposed
to have my cheat meal on Saturday (#fitgirlproblems).
I was planning all week to have pizza and beer at Mellow Mushroom, but instead I spent
the night in the bathroom throwing up (I know, tmi).  We did get some snow yesterday here in the Carolina's....... at least I had something pretty to look at while I was in bed sick. 
On a better note, I am feeling way better now.  
Other than my 24 hr. flu bug, I had a great weekend.  I got to spend some time with my little bro before heads back to Switzerland tomorrow.  I also watched the Beyonce documentary on HBO which rocked my world.  I love Bey...she is so real.  She filmed the whole dang interview
with no make-up and looked fabulous. I want skin like hers.  I'm calling my dermatologist tomorrow.
Have a good night friends...I'm off to watch some reality TV and fold laundry.
How Was Your Weekend?


says.Alisha said... Best Blogger Tips

Gurrrrl ... You are right Bey looked dam Great.. I don't no Man but she just doses it for me!! I am glad ur better 24 hr bugs are the harsh !!
P.svim one of ur newest followers

Chandra said... Best Blogger Tips

glad you are feelin' better and i love your pants, btw. i missed b so i'll have to check and see if/when it will re-air. hopefully pizza + beer will be in your future soon;)

Marie Young said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved bey too! Sorry about that whole throwing up/stomach flu thing. I hope you're feeling better by now! New reader, love le blog!