Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OOTD: Casual Wear

This weekend was FANTASTIC and I'm sad to see it go. After the gym on Saturday I met one of my favorite  besties for brunch. I'm ALWAYS running late, so I only had 15 minutes to shower and get ready. I did my makeup in the car. I know that it's dangerous but I'm actually really good at it AND would consider myself a pro at applying my makeup without looking.

Here is the outfit that I rushed to put together:

{OOTD: Outfit of the day}
For me comfort is key.  I guess that I would consider my look tomboy chic.  When I
feel under dressed or like my outfit is a little blah I always
feel like red lipstick makes it better, lol.  It makes me
feel prissy and pretty.


I had to wear my hair in a bun because it was a hot arse mess. I prefer to wear it down
but "it" (my hair) decided not to behave so to  prevent myself from
looking like Musaffah from The Lion King.... I had to pull it up.

{jacket: Marshall's, Shirt: American Eagle men's dept, jeans: American Eagle, Boots: so old that I can't remember,
Necklace: Aldo, Earrings:F21}

How Would You Describe Your Style?


Angela said... Best Blogger Tips

Takes me hours to look as good as that ;) you suit the bun, great outfit xx

JIN @ Love,Loss + Lacquer said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha ha! Muffasah!!!! I love the bun though, that's always a chic and effortless way to go when in a rush.....and I love the outfit too!!!! You look great :)

Faith said... Best Blogger Tips

Your outfit is perfection! If that is how you look with minutes of planning then I want to see how you look when you aren't running late ;).

I have no idea what I would callly style. I just buy what I like :).

Jes said... Best Blogger Tips

I love how effortless but totally cool you look!

A bold lip always does the trick!

haley said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for your sweet comment, looking fab girl!

Furita Rhapsados said... Best Blogger Tips

Very nice look ^^

It's actually one of the mannequin outfits I have at work, since our new look has just been introduced ^^

Your a cute Viva Rock Chick ^^


Ashley Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to tell you, EVERYTIME I walk down the hair isle I think I want to go natural because you look SO good with it! But I am scared to convert since I've been doing my own (unhealthy) box perms for the past year. Just a random fact haha, and you look fabulous!

Mawiyah said... Best Blogger Tips

Super cute :) Don't you love when days feel right?!