Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Look What I Made for Dinner.......
I had some left over asparagus in the refrigerator so I decided to wrap them in turkey bacon. They
turned out to be delicious.....not too crunchy or too soft.  Muy Perfecto!

Now, I'm sure that the asparagus would have tasted better with REAL bacon (everything seriously tastes better with real bacon) but I had to make do with what I already had. Plus, I'm really trying to clean up my diet.  After going cray over the holidays and eating/drinking  everything in sight, I really need to start cutting back. 

{please excuse the grease...eek}

Easy Peasy Recipe:

Wash your asparagus (I always wash EVERYTHING even if it says pre-washed)
Pat the asparagus dry
spray pan with PAM
wrap one slice of bacon around each asparagus
add a pinch of sea salt &pepper
set oven to 400 degrees.....and cook for 20 minutes!

What did you make for dinner?


LaChristin said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Jin! Looks good. I would definitely try this.

Brittany @ DulceVie said... Best Blogger Tips

Ohhh my gosh this looks amazing! I loooove bacon :) Thanks for sharing this!

Joie Fatale said... Best Blogger Tips

I am one of those who prefers turkey bacon to real bacon so this looks so yummy! I love asparagus!

jin jinfitness said... Best Blogger Tips

@Joie Fatale good for you because I wish that I didn't love real bacon so much lol

jin jinfitness said... Best Blogger Tips

@Brittany @ DulceVie thanks doll!

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, you read my mind! This is the perfect thing! I am going to try the #whole30 challenge, you know, cutting out sugar and eating naturally. It should be fun- I think. -Jessica L