Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Happy Tuesday!!!  Thanksgiving is around the corner and I cannot wait to eat some yummy food.
My dad is frying a huge turkey (keeping it southern y'all).  We are also having a baked turkey, ham, and grilled chicken. If you haven't had fried turkey you need to give it a try one day.  I don't suggest making it yourself because you could burn down your house.
It's probably not the healthiest thing on earth, but it is so juicy and delicious.  Around this time of year my inner fat girl comes out.  The two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, all I can think about is food....it's really sad y'all.  Good thing that I have been on track with my workouts this week....I even added 15 minutes of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to my workout today. Holler!

{I styled my hair in Bantu Knots....I'm also wearing my new Wet n Wild lipstick}

so #yesimwearingthis today.  I'm so lucky that  we don't have a dress code at work.  This outfit is super casual but it is so comfortable.  I love stretchy pants... i.e. leggings.   For some reason I always feel like lipstick and hoop earrings will dress up any outfit.

What are YOU wearing today?  Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  What is your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?


Faith said... Best Blogger Tips

I absolutely love your outfit! And you look amazing!

I've never had fried turkey. I can imagine how delicious that is!

Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!!

gi-gi said... Best Blogger Tips

Love fried turkey. My brother is becoming a pro at it. LOVE your hair! You look fab.