Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jin's Seared Scallops

{fresh spinach, SCALLOPS, grape tomatoes, and mashed cauliflower}
I must say that these babies were so freaking delicious (giving myself a pat on the back).  I was worried about over cooking them
but they turned out just right. I highly suggest using a couple drops of natural honey or
agave nectar to sweeten them up.
I always order scallops when I'm out at a restaurant BUT I've never
tried to make them on my own until recently.  If they weren't so dang expensive I would
eat them every night.
I'm not sure if this is a good deal or not BUT I purchased 13 huge scallops (a pound) from
my local grocer for only $12.98.  The guy working the seafood stand also told me that
the light pink scallops are the females (TMI, I know)
Healthy eating can be really expensive but I'm willing to cut my expenses in
other areas so that I can eat healthy food. 
1 Scallop =  Approx. 2.9 grams of Protein
1 pound of FRESH scallops
Sweet white wine
1 teaspoon of Trader Joe's Crushed Garlic
1 tablespoon of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"
A dash of sea salt and black pepper
a few drops of Agave Nectar


Jessica Lyness said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks yummy! I am on my way to the store now! I had to check myself the other day bc we weren't eating as healthy as we should. It's great to be around friends that keep you accountable ;)

Ashley Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

I've never had scallops before and I think you've inspired me to make a fancy weekend dish. This looks like something I can handle and amazingly delish. Thank you for posting!! Awesome photo quality too :)


Life's a shoe said... Best Blogger Tips

oh wow this looks so good! and healthy too!

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

Umm,yummy! This is getting pinned! I need some new meals\food to inspire me to continue to eat healthy! -Jessica L