Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jamaica Me Crazy.

My trip to Jamaica was absolutely amazing!  I spent the week with Cj and his family from Costa Rica.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to travel to such a gorgeous place.  The ocean was breathtaking and the food was delicious. 
I took a lot of pictures and will post more tonight!


Faith said... Best Blogger Tips

so exciting! I love Jamaica!

can't wait to see more pictures!

glad you had a great time!

Britton said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! I cant wait to hear about your jamaica trip! I honeymooned in jamaica and loved it!! I am a new follower and I cant wait to read more!!!

mariel janina said... Best Blogger Tips

so jealous you got to go to Jamaica, hope youve had a fab time :)

Sarah C. said... Best Blogger Tips

So gorgeous! Glad you had an amazing time! Lucky girl!