Monday, July 9, 2012


Saturday was my 28th Birthday. I spent the day with my family back home in SC. I consider CJ and my best friend Dani part of my family too, so they also celebrated with me .
It was nice to have the people that I love the most in the same place for once. My baby brother even flew in from Cali to visit (his birthday is the day before mine). My family and I always have fun together. We laughed at reality TV (Love& Hip Hop Atlanta and Big Ang) and we watched YouTube spoofs like this.   I don't know if I'll ever move back to SC but I can say that I really enjoy spending time with my family. 
{My Cj got my Birthday cake from my favorite bakery.  It was so hot here that it melted a bit BUT it was still delicious}


We all opted for a high calorie Hibachi meal at my Family's favorite neighborhood spot.  Let's just say that I took advantage of it being my birthday and stuffed my face.
After dinner my little sister tried to talk me into getting my nose pierced but I chickened  out.  I have seriously been wanting to get it done for so long now but after a few drinks (to take the edge off) and a little peer pressure, I still wasn't able to muster up the courage to follow through with the plan. 
Yummy Rice Cake!



Christy said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Birthday!

Abbys-World-Closet said... Best Blogger Tips

You look so lovely! Happy birthday ;)

Georgina said... Best Blogger Tips

You're so beautiful! Happy belated birthday :)

Sheyla said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Belated Birthday!

It seems like you had an awesome time.


Faith said... Best Blogger Tips

you look gorgeous!

happy birthday! hope it's your best year yet!