Thursday, June 14, 2012

How are your summer workouts going?

These days I've been forced to bare my chicken legs at the gym because my fitness facility doesn't believe in air conditioning.  They didn't get the memo that when it's 90 degrees outside you have to turn the air down.  It truly feels like a sauna in that place.   Anywho, I purchased these neon green shorts at Wally World for only $ about a bargain. I'm going back today to buy more.

Okay, what I really wanted to know is how are your summer workouts going?  With the help of my workout buddies LC and K-dwag I have truly been motivated lately. It also helps that the Mr. is  on a clean eating kick.


Faith said... Best Blogger Tips

i've been doing really well with my workouts ... if only i can say that about my eating. ice cream and fro-yos aren't going to help me get into tip top bikini shape.

and those shorts are cute! such a deal! i need to buy some new workout clothes. the ones i own right now are falling apart. so not cute.

Ashley Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been gearing up to get back in the gym but need some inspiration. I am heading to Wally World after work to pick up some shorts. Cheaper than Nike and still cute! Hope you had a good workout! :)


Jessica Lyness said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute shorts! You always know where to find the bargain for cute clothes!

Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute shorts!!! My workouts are KICKING MY BUTT!!! So they are good :) Tough to drag the kids to the gym childcare when they would rather be anywhere else in the world BUT the gym childcare LOL, but I'm doing quick circuit training so they don't get to stale in there...

Joie Fatale said... Best Blogger Tips

I started Working out Tuesday with egg-beating in the pool with my husband for 40 minutes.
Then, on Wednesday, I started Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30, and repeated last night.

I am sore in the right way...the "I've actually worked out!" way!

Mrs. Pancakes said... Best Blogger Tips

since i am pregnant...nonexistent but i can't wait to get back on the wagon!

Athletes4life said... Best Blogger Tips

It would be great if everyone was dedicated to their fitness during summer time! Great blog!