Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Giveaway: Contigo AUTOSEAL Water Bottle


I am obsessed with this water bottle! I purchased it a while back and have been using it non-stop. 
The storage compartment really comes in handy.

Enter my Giveaway and maybe you will be the lucky winner of this super cool
water bottle....I also plan to throw in a few other goodies too.

Rules:  follow my blog AND leave me a comment telling me what YOU do to stay in shape.
This giveaway will close Thursday night at 9pm est.  I will post the winner on Friday!


renee hicks said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh me, me, me lol!

I'm just getting back to the mode where my body feels 100% healed after giving birth to the twins. I will walk 3.4 miles at a park near my house and take them with me in their jogging stroller. I'm also use a few free apps on my iphone to help jump start the fitness as well! =)

Kelsey Panter said... Best Blogger Tips

I am training for a half marathon right now, and have just started lifting! :)

Amanda! said... Best Blogger Tips

I started doing Turbo Jam about a month ago. I love it so much that I ordered TurboFire & plan on starting that when I am ready to move on!

Funke said... Best Blogger Tips

I CrossFit plus follow the Paleo style of eating. About to begin my half-marathon training.

Aric said... Best Blogger Tips

I love basketball and will play most chances I get. I used to play before work, and I'd like to do that again.

Jennifer J said... Best Blogger Tips

Golf! Golf is my passion and I play rain or shine! No carts... walking only.

Jasper said... Best Blogger Tips

One word: running

Seth said... Best Blogger Tips

I try to hit the gym a few times per week and do a combination of cardio and weight-lifting. And I often bring a book for the treadmill so I'm doing two productive things at once.

Joie Fatale said... Best Blogger Tips

To stay in shape I like to surf, play water polo and Run!
Currently i am trying out Jilian Michael's ripped in 30.

(Does bloglovin.com subscribing count? I subscribed via blogspot anyway)

Kim W said... Best Blogger Tips

I attend kickboxing classes at a martial arts studio 3 nights a week! && this summer I got a job as a camp counselor, running around with the little kids is definitely a good way to stay in shape :)


Johnny & Callie Bowers said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome giveaway! I absolutely adore your blog! Right now I am loving bodyrock.tv...short, intense workouts that get the job done! It is fantastic!

Crystal C said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd love to win this! Right now, I'm doing cardio, weight training & Jeannette Jenkins' Sexy Abs DVD.

Yolandaas said... Best Blogger Tips

This is cool! :D

I go gym occasionally but my main thing is to use my dumbbells at home to do some serious leg and bum work outs. I use an iphone app for a ab workout, and if I ant to do Yoga or Work out video, I plug a usb into my flat screen and enjoy! Keeping it cheap :) xx

Looking forward to more fitness posts!

Camille said... Best Blogger Tips

Just found and started following your blog! I just started taking ballet classes a few months ago...something I've always wanted to do, but was too nervous to. I finally started, and it's my favourite night of the week!

Victoria Brownlee said... Best Blogger Tips

This summer has been a challenge but I continue to work hard. I am running four days a week for at least an hour. The other three days, I usually do a cardio class and left weights.

LC said... Best Blogger Tips

To stay in shape I run outdoors and I attend several classes at my local YMCA during the week. My favorite classes are Turbokick, Yoga and Body Design.

Teri said... Best Blogger Tips

In the last six months, I have made a lifestyle change. I now track my foods, exercise 3-4x a week, and have lost 25 lbs.

For exercise, I like to mix it up, some running or cardio at the gym, and then add in circuit training and some Zumba, keeps me interested and is making me strong and healthy!

Harlem Green said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to switch it up during the week. I ride my bike everyday 4 miles.Granted I ride it from work...but Its a workout. lol Mondays, Wed, Fridays are lifting days. I LOOOVVEEE lifting. Makes me feel powerful. Then Tuesday is boot camp which is 1 full hour of non-stop cardio and lifting. The trainer is crazy and I am crazy for doing it. But I fell good in the end. Thursdays is an hour of spin. Which has helped with my bike riding a lot. Sat & Sun I take off. Im usually too sore to do anything by then. haha.

Steven said... Best Blogger Tips

I go to the gym. I pick up weights and then put them down ;)

Heather Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

Swimming is one of the few active things I'm good at, but I also do elliptical at the gym to keep active.

golfer11 said... Best Blogger Tips

i golf once a week or so after work, and i'm considering getting a season pass so i can get out there more!

CelticsDraftee said... Best Blogger Tips

Hoops! There are pickups right down the street pretty much on a nightly basis, and it beats forking over big bucks for leagues. Free is good, and thank you for the giveaway! celticsdraftee AT aol DOT com

GACFrosh said... Best Blogger Tips

I became injured awhile back due to running, but I'm going to therapy and getting right back on the horse once I'm healed! I'm not quitting, and I still bike and do fun things that don't make my injury worse.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool water bottle! And cool blog... I'm going to follow you and check things out. I have danced (tap, ballet, etc) for many years. ~Berit~

ClearlyCanadian said... Best Blogger Tips

I watch what I eat - the less fat the better! - and I ride my bicycle to and from work when I can :)

Eve said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome, I LOVE giveaways!!! I would bring this bottle to the gym with me for the treadmill and it would save me time from having to stop and go to the water fountain. I run and walk on the treadmill mostly, and do sporadic weight lifting for my legs and core.

nunyabiz said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm trying to get healthy so that I can walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I'm about to die. So I grab a good book to get lost in and hop on the elliptical machine for an hour. I've been doing this everyday for a month and I'm getting satisfying results. Eventully, I hope to eat the right things too.......eventually.

nikkisunshine said... Best Blogger Tips

I do yoga twice a week, cardio and strength training three times a week. This bottle would fit nicely on my spin bike! Hint Hint! Wink Wink!