Thursday, June 28, 2012

Curly Nikki Meetup!

This past weekend I went to a natural hair (curly/coily hair) meetup with my big sister Ina. I was super surprised at the amount of people (about 800 ppl) who came out to meet Nikki and enjoy the fun. The Meetup was hosted by Nikki from Curlynikki{dot}com.It was so cool to see a bunch of women with hair like mine (no weave,no relaxers).  Some of y'all are probably thinking that "it's just hair" or "why do you need to attend a meetup to learn about hair care?", but I will tell you this, African American hair is so hard to manage.  I have a rather large head y'all and I'm almost positive that a shaved head would look horrible on me, so that's why I want to learn how to manage my hair and keep it healthy (because your girl would look a mess with a bald head).  It was hot as ever and my hair wasn't cooperating so I opted for a high pony.
Click here is you want to see pics from the meetup!

{it was blazing hot outside so shorts were a must}
{myself, curly nikki, and big sis}


Abbys-World-Closet said... Best Blogger Tips

You look stunning!

JIN @ Love,Loss + Lacquer said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG your outfit!!!!! I love it! You and your sister are blessed with some great genes LOL, you ladies are BEAUTIFUL!!

Ashley Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

Stunning ladies, oh my goodness.

-Ash :)

Islandia Lane said... Best Blogger Tips

omgosh! adore your outfit, you look awesome!

Harlem Green said... Best Blogger Tips

i love your shoes!!!! But it amazes me how little we know about our hair! I have been natural for 4 years now and I am still learning. Great pic!

Mariel Torres said... Best Blogger Tips

You all have absolutely stunning smiles... beautiful ladies!

Isabela said... Best Blogger Tips

damn, you're so skinny! should give a lot of work to keep fit but you seem to like it, I mean working out. Excuse me asking but have you ever been fat? you're an athlete?

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

Your outfit is so cute! I love your top and shoes, especially! And I would have gone to the curly hair meetup! My hair is dry, frizzy, thick, and crazy! -Jessica


Faith said... Best Blogger Tips

you look incredible!

so exciting that you got to meet Curly Nikki. I love her!

looks like an incredible time!