Tuesday, April 24, 2012


{I look so mean in this picture, lol}

I straightened my hair last night.  It's amazing how much it has grown.  I really love how versatile natural hair is.  Today I decided to wear my hair in a top knot. I will post pictures later! 
 I permantly "borrowed" this t-shirt from my little sister (sorry Mia).  It seems like I always forget my pjs when I travel so I end up having to borrow from family and

A super sweet friend passed away Sunday and it made me realize that our time here on earth is way too short.  My heart hurts for his family, his wife, and all of his "baker friends".  He has touched so many lives and will truly be missed.

  His passing makes me want to work hard to be the best person that I can be.
I wonder what people will say about me when I pass?

and let go of what you can't change. Kiss slowly, play hard,
forgive quickly, take chances, give everything and have no regrets. Life's too short to be anything but happy.


★ JASMINE ★ {BarbieBombshell} said... Best Blogger Tips

awh! you dont look mean girlfriend, you look sleepy! LOL

but a cute sleepy!


Jin said... Best Blogger Tips

@★ JASMINE ★ {BarbieBombshell} very sleepy honey :)

Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

So genuinely sorry for your loss, Jin. It truly pulls the rug out from under us when a young life is cut short. That's why I try my best to never take my time and my people for granted. Will be praying for you and for your friend's family.

Jin said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anne Thanks Anne :)

Elsha.Rae said... Best Blogger Tips

my dear you are soo insanely gorgeous! and i cant get enough of your hair! xo

Chandra said... Best Blogger Tips

Life is a precious thing and we must live each moment as if it were our last! Sending prayers and warm wishes your way.