Thursday, March 29, 2012

Workout Gear

for today's workout I worked my back and biceps.  I lifted heavy and did about three different workouts for each muscle group (I'll go in detail later).
  Later, I met up with my friend LC and walked the green way in her neighborhood
 and then watched Teen Mom (don't judge me)& painted our nails.  It was
nice to relax with a friend. 
Like most days, I usually don't put effort into picking out my workout long as it's clean
and covers all my lady parts i'm good.

here are some photos of my workout gear!!!

{the biker yelled "say cheese" as he rode by}
{shirt:Reebok, pants:Forever21, Shoes: Nike In- Season TR Women's Training shoe}


Faith said... Best Blogger Tips

i wish i looked as cute as you when i go to the gym! i need to get some cute work out clothes instead of the mess i wear!

Jin said... Best Blogger Tips

@Faith....try Marshall's or Nordstrom Rack...they both have great discounts on workout gear :)

the lovebirds said... Best Blogger Tips

can you say adorable!?! I'm with the comment above... I wish I looked as cute and awesome as you when I hit the gym. xo

Jin said... Best Blogger Tips

@the lovebirds Thanks sweetie!

Yolandaas said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous work out look hun! :D thumbs up for fitness posts! x

Emily@Mary Kay in Highland UT said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the outfit!! Wish I had your body, you look so fit. What kind of workouts do you do and how often? I'm looking for advice and it looks like you know what you're doing. Thanks for the help!