Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Like I mentioned before I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day BUT  I just purchased this new vintage red and white polka dot skirt  and figured it would be perfect for today's festivities or lack thereof.
I hope that all you lovers out there have a fantastic time tonight bow chicka wow wow!

{Valentine's Day is a great excuse for eating cupcakes (yes plural, as in multiple cupcakes) for breakfast}

{blurry iPhone Pic..blah blah}

{vintage skirt (Buffalo Exchange), gray tights (Ivy&Leo), and brown Rocket Dog boots that are 6 years old}
{my favorite Michael Kors watch c/o of cj}



Faith said... Best Blogger Tips

love your outfit!

Happy Valentine's Day!

i so want cupcakes now!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said... Best Blogger Tips

your valentine's outfit is just fabulous girl!!
xo TJ

Fashion Rehab said... Best Blogger Tips

those cupcakes look yummy :), hope you had a great vals day!!

Fashion Rehab

★ JASMINE ★ {Barbie-Bombshell} said... Best Blogger Tips

where have you been? i MISS you!


Jin said... Best Blogger Tips

@? JASMINE ? {Barbie-Bombshell} I've been sick :( Thanks for noticing that I was absent for a while...good to know that others are looking out for you :)

Joana Sá said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the watch and the boots.

Kiss kiss.*Jo

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

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