Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jazzy Snazzy Workout Gear!

Today was fantastic!!  It's finally starting to feel like Spring around here.  I'm finally getting over this two week sickness and I'm so pumped to be back in the gym.  Today I worked my legs& Abs...I also did intervals on the treadmill for thirty minutes.
 Did you workout today? 


Migel said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice kicks lol

Carmela said... Best Blogger Tips

I worked out today and it was great; I got my heart pumped up in a Bellydance class, and then I did sprints on the bicycle.



Jin said... Best Blogger Tips

@Migel thanks for the sneakers...you are the best brother ever :) <3

★ JASMINE ★ {Barbie-Bombshell} said... Best Blogger Tips

you look FANTASTIC! and that bum, oh lordy you have a niiiiiiice bum! :D

let's trade ok?


Wil Harris said... Best Blogger Tips

Your body is amazing and I can tell you take care of it.

Shalika-Creative SOUL said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your blog. I work out for the LOVE of food. But I think I want to change that attitude and work out for the LOVE of my two piece bathing suit.

*i have pretty flat feet, and I am a runner. I have found that Brooks work better for me. But I so want to buy a pair of cute Nikes.

Cheers sista following>>>

Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s


Abs Man said... Best Blogger Tips

Did my Contour Abs Workout. It's great for abdominal exercises. I'm getting back to activating and strengthening my core to support my back. I love your smile. It shows your love of fitness.

Maia Dobson said... Best Blogger Tips

You look so good on those workout clothes. I envy you because you have time for daily workout and keeping your body fit. As for me, I don't have much time to exercise so I just had a Long Island plastic surgery for a tummy tuck.

Laderma said... Best Blogger Tips

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