Friday, December 9, 2011

Embrace Messy Hair

{both images from Pinterest}

{Red lipstick Friday :)}

I'm starting a natural hair movement!  More people should go natural
because it's cool, unique and not to mention super healthy!  I've gained so much
confidence just from being natural.

I am so freakin' happy that the weekend is finally here!!  This weekend I'm spending quality time with my family. My little sister is turning 20 today AND this is my brothers last weekend on the east coast.  I'll be sure to post loads of pics Monday!
What do you have planned this weekend?


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said... Best Blogger Tips

you look fabulous with the red lip girl. and trust me, i have some crazy hair and i just learn to live with it.
xo TJ

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the red lipstick!! Happy birthday to your sister! I'm spending some time shopping with the family this weekend, can't wait!

Aline said... Best Blogger Tips

haha those are awesome and your hair looks fab!

bananas. said... Best Blogger Tips

how cute is that second pic! and the one of you too of course. i love messy hair. i'm learning to embrace mine too!

hope you had a faboo weekend hun!