Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Want To Look Tall, Slim, and Most Importantly, Confident????

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One of my greatest fears is being a hunched-back old lady (don't laugh.).  I have not so good posture and I know that it will only get worse as i get older if I don't correct it now.  Yoga and weight lifting have worked some but I think that it's something that I'm going to have to focus on constantly in order to improve.   For instance I'm slouching in my computer chair as we speak.....
If you know of any remedies to help me shake my bad posture, let me know!


Sn3akrFr3akr said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh gosh! After I got whiplash in a car accident, the chiropractor told me I had slight scoliosis. Now I'm so paranoid! Every so often, I check my posture and make sure to pull my shoulders back and my spine up. If you get your back set by the chiropractor, you can feel each time you slouch. BUT the setting is uncomfortable after, I don't know if it's worth it!

I'll stick to yoga for now.

JustPatience said... Best Blogger Tips

I for one need this Jin lol. Thanks for sharing.


S.P. said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for posting this. My posture is awful and I know I'm slouching most of the time but I always find it difficult to correct it. I'm going to take up Yoga and Pilates because like you, Growing up to be hunchback old lady is one of my fears and it doesn't help that I'm short as well.
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Tony said... Best Blogger Tips

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