Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A glass a day keeps the doctor away....

{I'm a red wine Connoisseur}
{I found this red wine blend at Trader Joe's and it's my new fav}
{I added some sparkly polish to my nails}
{Bri Dog hates being photographed}
{isn't she adorable....???}


bananas. said... Best Blogger Tips

SO ADORABLE!!! is she a doberman? my family used to have a red doberman named sargent. he passed away several years ago. never cried so much at once before in my life!

Jin said... Best Blogger Tips

Mayra, shes a doberman mix...but I'm not sure what she's mixed with....I can't imagine not having bri dog in my life....I hope she lives forever lol.

Xuan said... Best Blogger Tips

I like where you're heading with the title of this post....: )

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my gosh, bri is so adorable! i can't even stand it. i just love puppies. and that little bandana just makes her even cuter!!
xo TJ

Islandia Lane said... Best Blogger Tips

aw she is the cutest! love dogs. and love wine, I just posted a similar pic ;-)