Monday, October 24, 2011

The Weekend

{I don't know why I'm standing like this...I promise that I don't have to pee}

Cj snapped these pics just before heading the mall on Saturday.   We went to pick up the iPhone 4s BUT after waiting for over a hour in line (not my choice)  we decided to leave and try  another day, Thank Gawd.  I really need to update my phone because I have the 3G (don't judge me), but I was not willing to waste my whole day crammed in line....The lady in front of us had this cute little 2 year old that wouldn't stop crying.  Jin loves the kids, but only when they are smiling and happy.

As you can see I'm a jeans and T-shirt type of gal...I barely even wear heels 1. because I would be like 6'1 and 2. because no one ever taught me how to walk properly in them lol.

How did you spend your weekend???????


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said... Best Blogger Tips

always a fan of plaid shirts! can never go wrong. you look great girl! and don't worry, i'm not a big fan of the heels either. i could live in my flip flops and sweat pants all day, every day if i have to! ha
xo TJ