Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Weekend

Cheers to an awesome weekend!  Fall is definitely my favorite time of year.  Here in NC the temperature was in the mid seventies and sunny ALL weekend.  I spent the majority of my weekend outdoors enjoying the weather.
{We watched the South Carolina vs. Mississippi football game....Go Cocks}
{no make-up...letting my skin breathe}
{We had a few chilled beverages}
{I had salad for lunch.....I chose to drink my calories}
{these skinny- leg, stretchy cords are my favorite}
{the cocks won!}

                                                     How was your weekend?  What did you do?


JustPatience said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your twist and the biker chic look.


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said... Best Blogger Tips

the weekend sounds perfect! and that salad looks amazing! i might just have to make one immediately!!
xo TJ

Islandia Lane said... Best Blogger Tips

omgosh haha I just commented on the past post about being a gamecock and had not even noticed this one yet!! Love it. and I tend to drink my calories too, if I only I would start getting to the gym to burn them off - that beer sounds delish too!