Sunday, October 30, 2011

a Stroll in the Park!

T (my best friend) and I love the outdoors so we decided to go on a natural walk Saturday morning.  We are both interested  in photography and love Fall so we thought that it would be a great opportunity to practice with our cameras.  Here are a few action shots!  I call this our ninja fight lol.


Janiece said... Best Blogger Tips

You make me miss my own best friend who is now in Alaska. We used to have this same behavior anytime we were together. I don't have a friend that close anymore. I wish I was just half as active as you two look in these pictures though haha!

Jin said... Best Blogger Tips

janiece I can't imagine my bestie's living so far you visit Alaska often?

Y. Garza said... Best Blogger Tips

If my bff and I tried this I would probably have a bloody nose, blame her and say it was her idea (though most ideas that end with me getting hurt are usually mine). We wouldn't be able to play together for a week! We act like major kids...wino kids.