Monday, September 26, 2011

Football Sunday!!!

Week 3 Football:

 I prefer college football, but I will never pass up a chance to tailgate...I love getting pumped up, celebrating my favorite team, playing cornhole, and drinking chilled beer :-)

Tailgating....The one day of the week where you are allowed to walk the streets with an open bottle (i think)

rooting for the home team!
the stadium
walking home to watch the game.  Glad that we didn't purchase tickets because of the monsoon rains

                                                   Do you enjoy Football Sunday's???? 


JustPatience said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey girl. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your beautiful compliments. I am also following you on Bloglovin and Twitter.
I would kill to have a gorgeous and fit body like yours. Love it!


Mai said... Best Blogger Tips

I was never into football or any kind of sports even when I was in high school. Haha!
You looked so cute, Jin.
Btw, come enter my 100th posts giveaway :)

Ashleigh Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

LIVE for football Sunday's!!!!!!!!

Xo Ashleigh