Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hey Y'all!

Today is definitely one of those days (I need a bottle of Jack and a razor blade).  Have you ever had one of those days where everything and everyone irritates the mess out of you?   Funny thing is that you would never know that I wasn't having a good day because I try to compensate by being overly chipper...I know, I'm weird, but it usually helps me out of my funk (I let the cat out of the's no longer a secret lol).  I'm sure that I just need a good sleep or maybe a mini shopping spree. 

Well enough about my awesome day......Let's talk about my new tripod!!!!  I absolutely love not having to ask CJ to take my picture...he tries so hard to take great pictures but he just can't grasp it, bless him.

So I was reading the new InStyle Makeover  Edition today and they said that "60% of men perfer women with straight hair"...I wonder why that is?  Curly head girls can be just as cute!

outfit of the day!!!....
{shirt, skirt, and lepoard shoes are all from Forever21 (I think :-/)...I call this styling on a budget! haha}


bananas. said... Best Blogger Tips

but i LOVE naturally curly hair! i'd KILL for it!

men are stupid...they don't know. lol.

Mai said... Best Blogger Tips

i'd love to have curly hair. Love the outfit! oh and those flats are super cute too! Hope you have a great weekend, Jin!

Islandia Lane said... Best Blogger Tips

aw you are adorable! and I totally feel ya on that kinda day - that's been my kinda week! oh so happy it's Friday! ;-)

Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I WISH I could be overly chipper when I'm having a bad day. Usually it's written all over my face. Paul can tell my mood by how my lips are shaped...sad I know...and P.S. I LOVE your curly hair, when guys say they prefer straight....they prob. picture my curly hair. It's terrible lol.