Monday, August 22, 2011

Fancy Gym Attire #1

#1 Lace Sports Bra- Aerie
#2 Shoes- Nike
#3 Slim fit pants- Aerie
#4 Gym Bag- Kate Spade
#5 Shirt- Lulumon

All of these things are on my wish list (hint, hint).  I'm really diggin' the lace sports bra. It's a little riskay and that's the reason why I'm going to buy it today,lol.   


Cathy Anderson said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this bra. Bought one in the store after trying on a zillion. It quickly became my favorite, so I ordered 3 in the same size and style! Great support. Shapes you naturally. Feels like the most luxurious fabric ever. Straps don't dig into shoulders (I'm a DD so that's an issue with most). Like I said....the PERFECT bra! I strongly recommend Playtex 4693