Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mantra Meditation

This morning I had a little extra time so I figured that I would start the day off right by taking some time to meditate. Meditation is still very new to me but so far I love it! I am a firm believer in the power of positive thought or positive affirmations. Today, the Mantra that I repeated over and over again was "I am strong, I can accomplish anything that I put my mind (or heart) to"

What is Mantra Meditation?
Mantra is a word or phrase that you repeat to yourself again and again for
a specific effect. We could replace the word mantra with ‘positive affirmation’ and it would have the same meaning. Although positive affirmations can be powerful, mantra repetition for spiritual purposes often entails repetition of God’s name. Many people use this as a form of waking meditation, since it’s easy to repeat a mantra to yourself either verbally or mentally throughout your day, and despite what’s going on around you.

Do you dolls have any Mantra's or Positive Affirmations that you reguarally use?

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Roxy Te said... Best Blogger Tips

love this Jin! Yes I have several- my current ones so far...
1) It's not I really hope this works, but it's what do I have to do to make it work. (I will not let this biz fail!!!)
2) Wherever you are (in life or physically) be ALL there! (no point in wishing for things that weren't or haven't been!)
Have a great day :)
p.s. Have you heard from your friend yet?!

Jin said... Best Blogger Tips

I love both of these...especially #1.

Jessica Lyness said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish there was a like button on this aside from the verbs.
Very cool Jin and well said. I love to meditate. The power of positive thought is refreshing and reassuring.

wacks said... Best Blogger Tips
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music and meditation said... Best Blogger Tips

How i wish i can meditate soon.thanks for this very interesting post.