Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Hump Day!!!

I got a new scarf AND Straightened my hair! I got this gorgeous scraf at Ivy &Leo yesterday and I purchased a new flat iron!!! I love my hair straight but I'm worried about heat damage so I'll probably be back to my normal curly head self come Friday. I hope you dolls had a superfantastic Day!

P.s.- do yourself a favor and try to drink at least 40 Ounces of water tomorrow...your body will thank you!


idratherbeshopping said... Best Blogger Tips

you are gorgeous!! so glad i discovered your blog today! so inspiring b/c you are so fit and i need to get fit...haha.

love your new scarf ;)


Nicci said... Best Blogger Tips

Your curly hair is super cute, but I love this look on you too. I try not to flat iron my hair everyday, so I wrap it at night.