Sunday, March 6, 2011

Graffiti 6 and More SCARFS!!!

Did I mention that I LOVE scarfs?! I own like 20 of them. A simple scarf can dress anything up...just look at Cassie above, she's wearing a ponytail, an over sized t-shirt and looks like a million bucks!
I'm popping Biotin (the vitamin) left and right hoping that my hair will grow out to look like Marsha Ambrosius'....I swear that my hair grows so slow and it's annoying.
I recently discovered Graffiti 6 and I love them!
How are you guys spending this lovely Sunday? I've been relaxing ALL day and I feel so refreshed.





Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Your hair already looks great!! But patience is a virtue, give it time and I am sure it will get there. I tried the Biotin for a while too and it seemed to help.