Tuesday, March 1, 2011

and I'm Feeling Good....

I had a fantastic day today! After work my friend Jessica and I met up for a Deep Stretch Yoga class. Yoga was amazing and my hips and shoulders feel so free and loose. Madeleine, our instructor was from New Zealand and she rocked....she stretched my limbs to the max, I literally felt like my crotch was going to pop off at one point during the class.

I am determined to learn how to do side splits (I'll accomplish it in about a month or two)...Madeleine made it look so freakin' easy, I swear that girl is double jointed. Thank Gawd for yoga blocks because I sure did need like 4 of them.
After yoga Jessica and I headed next door for ginger salads and yummy sushi. It was great to catch up with her. I finished off the night with American Idol and Teen Mom (don't judge me, LOL). How was your day? Was is it happy?

{images: www.mat-yoga.com, http://4.bp.blogspot.com}


Spin 12 team members: said... Best Blogger Tips

Look at some of your past posts - I have two Doberman, Charlie Brown and Lucy that look a lot like Bri Dog!

I am glad your crotch did not pop off in class, that would have been hard to explain to the ambulance guys!

I love your photos. I am inspired to get back in the gym. Where do you work out?