Saturday, January 8, 2011

To My Husband (Spin-off)

I stumbled across this super neat blog and wanted to do a spin-off!

To My (future) Husband:

BATHROOM: I will try my hardest not to yell at you for leaving the toilet seat up
VIDEO GAMES: personally I don't like them but I can tolerate them in small doses
BEER: Let's drink tons of it
THE DVR: I will never erase a sports game to make room for my reality television shows
PLEASE: Do not use my towel
COOKING: I promise to make at least 2-3 hot meals per week
SEX: I promise to never tell you if I'm faking it
LAUGH: I'll try to laugh at your jokes even when they are corny
SUNDAY FOOTBALL: You can count on me to be ready with a coosie in my hand
SUPER BOWL: I'll make buffalo chicken dip
A&E: I won't complain when you make me watch THE SQUAD PRISON POLICE and THE FIRST 48
HUNGRY: I can be a bitch when I'm hungry so please feed me SORE: I give great back massages
YOUR FRIENDS: are welcome anytime if you give me a heads up
FEET: Sorry I don't do feet!

This was fun! I'll continue this post later..... until next time!

(I love the part when Lenny Kravitz says "I know, I know, I know")


Roxy Te said... Best Blogger Tips

love your spin off ;)