Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Weekend!

This weekend was AWESOME to say the least! For starters I finally got to spend the weekend at home in Charlotte with my beau and pup(I haven't spent a weekend at home in three weeks).
On Friday some friends and I got together to celebrate Chris' Birthday, eat homemade carrot cake, drink wine, and watch a super clear bootleg copy of Black Swan (Hey don't judge me LOL). Black Swan was an incredible film but also very lurid, I think that I need to see it again because I totally didn't grasp the meaning.
On Saturday a group of us went to dinner at Cajun Queen which was delicious. I started my dining experience with a luscious glass of red wine and a cup of seafood gumbo. The atmosphere was great and I really felt like I was in 'Nawlins' (slang for New Orleans). For my second course a chose the Blackened Chicken and Andouille Pasta. I have a weakness for spicy food and pasta so this entree definitely hit the spot. I finished my meal with more Merlot and a piece of Key Lime Pie. The pie was just okay, way too rich and tangy for my liking, but everything else was so good that I didn't even care. I was so inspired by the creole and Cajun flavors that I created my own little meal for dinner.....
I haven't yet chosen a name for my dish so if you have any ideas let me know!
I started off with roasted peppers & onions and a cup of spinach, added a roasted pepper& garlic white sauce, grilled and chopped a few chicken breast, and then added some spicy creole seasonings. I served the sauce over regular spaghetti noodles for my beau and over spaghetti squash for me.......After dinner at Cajun Queen a group of my friends met up at Suite for more cocktails and a little dancing.
Sunday was great because I got to sleep in, ahh. It's been a while since I've felt so rejuvenated and refreshed. I finally put together my desk and organized my closet/loft area. Football Sunday was nasty! I'm so freakin' stoked that the STEELERS are going to the Superbowl. All of this definitely ended my weekend on a super sweet note.


Jessica Lyness said... Best Blogger Tips
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Jessica Lyness said... Best Blogger Tips

We walked past Cajun Queen all the time. Hear it is one of the oldies but goodies of Charlotte. I've been wanting to check it out. Did you have a reservation? Weekend sounded well balanced. Hanging with friends, party in between and then some down time to yourself.

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