Saturday, January 8, 2011

Go DJ....

I'm playing DJ tonight! DJ jazzy Jin is on the one's and two's! I'm spending the weekend with my best friend Dani and her Husband Jonathon. Jonathon lost his vision randomly about 7 days ago (he is a healthy 23 year old and does not even have any pre-existing health conditions) so please keep him and his family in your thoughts. It is mind blowing how life can change in the drop of a dime. What I've taken from this experience is that you have to live everyday to the fullest and be Thankful for everything. Jonathon can't see so we are trying to play music etc. to keep him occupied. If you guys Have any ideas of how to keep him busy and happy please let me know.


bananas. said... Best Blogger Tips

i'm sorry to hear about your friend's husband. that's horrible! i like the idea of musical therapy. so far you're off to a great start with your playlist.

diana kang said... Best Blogger Tips

aw man! but thats nice you are dj! its pretty cool!

you look amazing on your header!! xx

$75 to swimspot if you are interested!

Roxy Te said... Best Blogger Tips

awwww...keeping your friends in my prayers!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

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